Heartbeat Music Collective


@ The Brunswick Hotel 21/01/14

Disclaimer: I've seen this talented young man play before, I've played shows with him and will, where possible, go to see his future show. I have almost worn a hole in the his second EP, “Office Space” (through playing it so much, not by accident). And here, I will break the fourth wall: “Hi, Nathan!”

If you don't like his music then you have a heart of stone, or are clinically dead. Although, I'm not sure he couldn't reach through the vale to touch some. I've had so much trouble writing this review because I just keep wanting to write: His music is amazing, and if you don't like it, you're wrong. But I have now, so there you are. If you want beautiful, well crafted, heart-wrenching music, GO SEE HIM PLAY. Now. I know where he lives, we could possibly arrange an impromptu performance. Or come to our kitchen, I will play you his music.

I guess I should describe the gig, even though words will fail entirely to convey the beauty.

It was a talent studded evening at The Brunswick Hotel's 'Discovery' night. It's a place where you can find awesome new and old(er) talent in an atmosphere so raw and gritty that it's palpable. The only place where I've had the bar staff ladies hand me a cup of ice and instruct me to put it down my shirt on a hot day (I highly recommend this). Nathan's music was, as always, effortless and impeccable in writing, arrangement and performance.

Obvian, is self-depreciating, full of humility and gently spoken jibes. He wears funny, nerdy t-shirts and has a mass of dishevelled blonde locks. He played some old songs, some new songs and an Augie March cover. Comparing his music to anothers', for me he would be akin to Jeff Buckley. He has, simply, the most beautiful voice I've heard on a male singer live; excellent guitar technique; thought-provoking lyrics; and guitar lines that make you want to be a better person. I felt like the luckiest person in the bar to be sitting at the front, on a really uncomfortable couch just staring up at him.

So have you gone out to see him yet?