Heartbeat Music Collective


@ The Brunswick Hotel 03/01/2014

According to their bio, Polygasm are an "...all-partying sleazy, cheezy 4-piece..." (sic) band from Melbourne, and I would say that's an accurate depiction. Their most recent high-energy set was at The Brunswick Hotel on a surprisingly frigid late summer night, with the grungy atmosphere of The Brunny to add to the party mood.

Polygasm had the ability to get the crowd going with simple and tight arrangements and I would further flesh out the 'party-band' label by summarizing their sound as dirty rock with pop punk energy and a greasy kind of charm. Unfortunately, as with a lot of venues, I had no idea what the actual words were a lot of the time, but they were saying it with gusto. I was able to discern snatches of lyrics through the haze of late nights and volume that were suitably witty. And they included some solid covers, e.g. 'Ballroom Blitz' by The Sweet.

For me, their wow factor moments were in their hamonies - they use all the band members to really expand their sound. In fact, in their final numer - a doo-wop/punk song - I was almost disappointed when the harmony section ceased. I was so excited that I was hearing doo-wop in the Brunswick Hotel that I was momentarily lost. It was all so simple, but so incredibly effective. There was enough cheese for a pizza, and I love pizza.

Awesome: Dat harmony.

Ordinary: There was only one doo-wop/punk cross-over.

Tasty: The taste of money in my pocket.