Heartbeat Music Collective

The Shivering Timbers

Eight Days At Sea EP Launch

The Thornbury Theatre 22/11/13

When we entered the Thornbury Theatre I felt distinctly under-dressed. The masses of red velvet, gilded hallways and semi-formal seating arrangement were both lovely and disconcerting. The large space left in front of the stage proved that The Shivering Timbers knew their audience well, as it was put to excellent use during the evening.

The (predominantly female) Lucilles were a juxtaposition of genders to the main act and rocked it with harmonica and cowboy boots.

The Shivering Timbers performed two sets. The first one was for the golden oldies in the crowd - a little bit slower gradually increasing the pace and drive until people naturally began to fill the dance floor. The second set continued where the first left off. Their music has a real personality and identity, it's original music to which you can lose yourself in dance. And just in case you missed the fact that The Shivering Timbers play pirate rock, there was a pirate themed MC for the show. I can't help but wish everyone was dressed in theme, but I think that's just the costume-party lover in me.

I would say that one of their unique features is their multi-instrumentalist (and a horn duo for the evening). You get a side-serving of accordion, keys, harmonica and mandolin. It really helps to change up the vibe and texture of the songs. The horn duo always added to the spirit of the evening and were brought out for selected songs.

The only thing I could pick out as an ordinary would be that the sound was occasionally muddy, but I don't think that was anyone's fault. I believe there was a technical difficulty on the evening with a pick-up. Overall, it was a solid performance by a really solid group. The band play well together; they have excellent showmanship; they don't look at all bored playing; and the music has movement and moxie.

Awesome: The atmosphere The Shivering Timbers create.

Ordinary: Occasional muddy sound.

Tasty: The house wine is surprisingly drinkable!