Heartbeat Music Collective

The Unholy Racket

@ Tago Mago 9/11/13

Here's a hot tip for anyone going to Tago Mago: Take earplugs, your ears will love you for it. We walked in and the jive was jumping. And it is SO loud in there.

The Unholy Racket are an extention of a loose duo. Previously, there were two regular members and I can say wholeheartedly that the new line up is something special. Living in Melbourne has exposed me to a lot of folk and fusion music, and it's refreshing to see a band that is pure dirty old rock. They have a very definite style, both musically and appearance-wise. There are luscious locks a-plenty, some of which would have many women looking on with envy.

The set was well paced, changing it up with some harder/faster numbers and some quieter and more soulful numbers about dogs. And while they seemed to take a few songs to warm into the evening, when it got there, it was worth it. There was groove and grind, harmonica and hyperactivity. The quality of the musicians was excellent, with the ones that I've seen play previously, performing better than ever.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the whole band looked like they were having the best time. There was loads of energy, heaps of crowd interaction and watch out McJagger, there's a new king of vocalist dancing and his name is Jakksen Fish. One note: for those who find colourful language unappealing, this isn't the band for you.

The Unholy Racket have a lot of shows lined up, so if dirty rock is your thing, give them a go.

Awesome: Awesome performance and a 70's Ibanez that almost made my partner in crime drool.

Ordinary: Really need some ear plugs.

Tasty: The Indian we splashed out on for dinner.