Heartbeat Music Collective

Dear Monday

@ The Retreat 21/10/2013


I could shout from the rooftops about what an awesome selection of musicians Rhea Caldwell has been getting together for this new event at the Retreat Hotel. The front bar at the Retreat is oft neglected for the larger room out the back, but I find it to have a cozy, small town dive bar appeal with its wooden walls and dingy light. This evening, the musicians corner was dressed up with black velvety curtains hanging on tree branches and flower fairy lights.

Straight to the point - the music.

Overall, Rhea puts on an excellent show and if your Monday is being too typical, perhaps you should break the mould and get on down to a Dear Monday.

Awesome: The spread and excellent quality of the musicians.

Ordinary: Sound/tech issues that slowed down the evening.

Tasty: Good ol' Gn'T