Heartbeat Music Collective

Tailor Birds

@ Loop 20/06/2013

There's something about the Tailor Birds...

I'm transported back to the Hurricane Music Festival in Germany two years ago. I was watching Portishead; though technically gifted and music I loved, my experience was better when I closed my eyes and lost myself in the music. For the Tailor Birds set, I was lightly disappointed for that fact – because their VJ seemed interesting. To close my eyes just seemed like a shame.

The Tailor birds are exquisite musically. The singer had a small table and case of goodies to build the depth of the music, an ability I find most admirable as it creates music from the mundane. She utilized wine glasses, newspaper shredding and more to create ambient soundscapes. As a quirk of marketing, they have their CD for sale as a download code attached to cans of beans and jams for the budget conscious.

They managed to cram a jazz drum kit, violin player, double bass and singer (plus paraphernalia) onto a minuscule stage. I won't even act like I'm not impressed. Though cramped, the band appeared to be enjoying themselves and what they do.

Awesome: Excellent and interesting musicianship.

Lame: Showmanship could be better.

Tasty: Wasabi peas. Delicious, delicious wasabi peas.