Heartbeat Music Collective


@ Loop 20/06/2013

Imagine a 15 year old girl dancing to psychedelic rock in a bedroom covered with graffiti and band posters... No, wait, legally it's probably better if you don't.

Melbourne three piece, Earthwire, consists of an emotionally intense frontman, a drummer with the skills to pay my power bills and a big ol' fat and sexy bass ­ the controller, of which, brings in other elements of harmony harking back to their days as a alternative folk band (this was all before they went to see a Tool concert). They are bound in musicianship by good sense of humour and facial hair.

The band was tight - music liberally flavoured with hits, stops and dark 70's groove. The music was thought provoking enough to entice smiles from those staunch Melbourne musicians in the crowd. The rhythm section kept face as the singer left a single "Thank you" on loop and jammed to take the band into the next song, as the crowd giggled away.

It was dark, it was juicy and it made me want to cast aside those suedette couches, drop a hit of LSD and dance my little hiney off. In fact, the only downside to the set was the bizarre VJ set happening behind them. Cars doing burnouts and 80's cardio girls thrusting backwards followed by pink flowers opening... Did somebody say vagina?

Awesome: The groove of the music and the volume of facial hair.

Lame: The VJ commenting on gender stereotypes.

Something Tasty: Tempranillo with a smokey bonfire mouthfeel.