Heartbeat Music Collective

Rose Wintergreen

Aurora Album Launch

@ The Toff in Town


Strands of wool span the stage and cement instruments in place. A skilled chanteuse creates sound-scape's with sinister lyrics. Somnolent Sunday afternoons in spring were filled with sounds.

Rose Wintergreen creates an ambient electronica, similar in my mind to Portishead after taking a bucket of Valium. A few songs were too chilled out for my tastes, but some had deliciously disquieting lyrics (a verse referencing a more obsessive kind of photo-stalking), and harmonically interesting melodies. For example: 'Red Dust' and 'Pillow'. 'Red Dust', the single from the album was different to all of the other songs. It had more movement and was definitely the most radio-friendly. Whilst 'Niamh' has a plaintive, melancholy melody that blends well with the lyrics - it's a chorus that I have no trouble remembering a week later.

Ms. Wintergreen and her band were a diverse and competent set of instrumentalists. Rose has a lovely controlled voice and and I respect her borderline unhealthy respect for keeping stringed instruments in tune on a hot stage. The band, though, felt more like furniture than a unit of musicians due to their static performance (interestingly this is a quality shared with Portishead). It made me feel like they were missing someone or something to bring them together. She performed solo with a loop and drum machine initially, and that feeling was absent during those first songs.

The Aurora CD launch was a really pleasant way to spend a sporadically sunny Sunday afternoon in the CBD. The musicians were well versed in the material and all played with artistry. The parts I enjoyed most were the ones that came from left field of her standard style - those are the pieces that have stuck..

Awesome: Some creepy lyrics out of nowhere.

Average: The nagging feeling that someone is missing from the band.

Tasty: The most expensive Boags in the land.