Heartbeat Music Collective

Cisco Caesar

@ The Union Hotel


Cisco Caesar: It's like seeing a super band in a small venue.

Cisco Caesar's music is sensual and smooth; their presence on stage is understated and joyous. With each band member being very musically accomplished, you can see the work they've put in to create a cohesive unit. They have the sound of four guys who have each others musical backs.

Cisco Caesar are a band that seem bigger than their venue, and I now have a new favourite musician. The bass player/singer is a white, mustachioed James Brown. He's the happiest person I think I've ever seen. Looking at this man made me smile in a way that warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart. It was infectious. He also has a mental-bananas high range and vocal control.

We had the pleasure of hearing two sets. Never slipping on quality, each song has it's own charm and distinct place in a live setting. Even 'I Like Beer' can't pass as filler - a song that it almost designed to fit that category. It's deliciously clichéd, with enough wit and a quaffing vibe to showcase their country influences.

The band makes excellent use of both guitarists. They take it in turns to solo, giving you a view of their different musical personalities. There was a lot going on: humour, groove, talent, whimsy, sarcasm, spontaneous applause, soul and sex faces. Cisco Caesar impress the audience at every musical turn.

Awesome: The bass player makes my heart happy.

Ordinary: Sound guy could pull back just a tad. Sound got quite penetrating.

Tasty: I'm putting in a quiet word for the on-tap cider.