Heartbeat Music Collective

Venus Rising 3: Fire and Dance

@ Tago Mago 4/04/14

Part Five: The Planets Align (Melissa Main)

"We stay for country music!?", my brain yelled in the first song. I was tired and drained. Altogether unused to socialising, but determined to push on through.

The Melissa Main band was stripped back to herself and drummer for the evening, as it was a uterus possessing performers only night. Honestly, I didn't really get into the first few songs. Then, with some kind of voodoo, she took off her jacket and became one of the funniest and expressive songstresses that I've heard. I'm talking Amanda Fucking Palmer level here. What I thought was country/bluegrass turned quirky, weird, humorous, funny and expressive. It was the perfect end to a great evening.

"Ghosts of Lovers past" and "Designer Vagina" were my two stand outs of her performance, I even went home and searched for "Designer Vagina" on youtube to pass the favour on. There was a great humanity coupled with wit in her lyrics. Though it didn't impede the performance, I would love to have seen the full band in action and the music fully fleshed out. The music was apt for the lyrics without becoming comical and played in a way that left me wanting more.

Awesome: "Designer Vagina" was so good I youtubed it when I got home.

Ordinary: Kind of wish I'd gotten the full band experience.

Tasty: Dem chords.