Heartbeat Music Collective

Venus Rising 3: Fire and Dance

@ Tago Mago 4/04/14

Part Four: The Transit of Venus (Mikki Michelle)

Venus Rising is Mikki Michelle's brainchild and with every event, her skills and the events improve. Mikki is a high energy facilitator and personable on the microphone.

Mikki's performance for the evening came in three parts. As an M.C. she was encouraging of the artists, individual beauty, the community focussed vibe that she helped create and an overall ambience of love, peace and vibrancy of life. Her enthusiasm appeared to be contagious.

From M.C. transitioning smoothly to lounge performer, Mikki commenced the evening with some jazzy tunes and lounge-y backing tracks. I'm not proud, but I forgot that the backing wasn't live, I actually looked for the horn-section at one point.Her voice was almost straight from the 30's or 40's and I thought it was a very interesting quality to have in a scene saturated with folk. Her appearance was also reminiscent of times gone past with extravagant glitter patterns surrounding her eyes and a gown that glowed under the lights. Her presence drew the crowd to the front and non-verbally okayed dancing for the evening and one particular little muchkin took full advantage of the dance floor.

Mikki also played a duo set with Tyto as accompaniment. I'll reiterate the part about her voice. It's quite unique for the scene at the moment, almost vintage styling - heavy on the throat vibrato, kind of Doris Day/Vera Lynn-esque. As a super technical note: I do think she'd be doing herself a favour by investing in a microphone that suited her voice. I found that the house microphone seemed to actively work against her timbre in the higher register of her voice. It's nitpicking, but the value of a mic suited to an atypical voice type is completely underrated.

Awesome: The ambience that she creates.

Ordinary: That mic on her voice.

Tasty: Faux horns.