Heartbeat Music Collective

Venus Rising 3: Fire and Dance

@ Tago Mago 4/04/14

Part Three: The Pioneer Project (Sarah Busuttil)

I'll admit, I was taken aback when Sarah Busuttil strode on stage. Her stage persona does not leave out colour on any surface of her being. She's extravagant, showy, shiny, spunky, tricksy and engaging... Which handily sums up her double performance.

A solo violin performance isn't exactly commonplace and Sarah pulls in every single audience member. She goes from soft and sweet to thigh-slapping jaunty at the turn of a bow stroke. My knowledge of gyspy music isn't so that I could tell how much was original over how much was her own arrangements. She incorporated snippets of classical and contemporary music into her own gyspsy stylings.

Sarah's playing was darn near impeccable, and what made it even more impressive was her performance. Her face was incredibly expressive, permeating her sense of humour through the room and making her musically flirtatious. I was initially disappointed about her short set, luckily we were to be treated with round two. I found that splitting her performance into two parts helped to give us maximum satisfaction and ejnoyment of her performance, as well as to act as a palate cleanse between other artists.

Round two contained more excellent musicianship and showmanship, including a great faux kiss with an audience member. I admit that I was also impressed at her level of coordination - she can dance, play violin proficiently, perform, wear heels and avoid tangeld obstacles with no visible trouble.

Sarah Busuttil schooled us all in how the violin should be played – with gusto, with tenderness and above all, with pride.

Awesome: Getting round two.

Ordinary: I'm always internally anxious with heels and multitasking.

Tasty: The almost kiss.