Heartbeat Music Collective

Venus Rising 3: Fire and Dance

@ Tago Mago 4/04/14

Part Two: Rising My Venus (Tyto)

Tyto: the genus of the true barn owls, the grass owls and the masked owls collectively making up the subfamily Tytoninae.

Well... Punch me in the face with a hat-stand.

In these situations it generally goes one of two ways, cover-my-eyes-in-shame bad, or, earth-shatteringly good... I wasn't sure what I was about to experience. There was a lot of milk crates on stage (standard Melbourne furniture), a two mics and two boxes*. There were loops afoot.

Cutting to the chase, yes, Tyto is good. She beat-boxed, harmonized, effects'd, soul'd. I was reminded of Erykah Badu's vibe on “Baduizm”. The evenings loopologist performed an entire set using herself as an instrument, and it was incredibly varied in subject matter and in sound. Her songs were a treat and I more than slightly melted with “Hurt”.

There was one thing that seemed oddly disconnected , that was how gritty her subject matter could be versus her more demure banter. Politics, porn, addiction, and 'fuck-this-bollocks' in song, but she spoke to us how I'd speak to old religious people. Perhaps I need a manners check. *shrug*

Tyto is not only a talented singer with good musicianship, but she has an excellent handle on looping, beat-boxing and effects units. Hearing women beatbox is a wondeful treat, mostly because it's rare and partly because it's encouraging that females can make those noises too. Physiologically, it's just not as easy to get the deep notes of the drums, watching Tyto perform was like a lesson in effects application. The use of guitar effects on her voice was extremely clever.

*For the technically minded the boxes were the Boss RC-50 loop pedal and the Boss ME50

Awesome: Awesome use of both the RC50 and ME50.

Ordinary: Weirdly vanilla banter sandwiching a song about porn.

Tasty: Vocal pitch shifting is the new beef taco.